Light Pollution

Light Pollution

The British Astronomical Association’s
Commission for Dark Skies: Protect the Night

The CfDS aims to preserve and restore the beauty of the night sky, to end the use of excessive, inefficient and irresponsible lighting that shines where it is not wanted nor needed.


Domestic Intruder Assistance Lighting.

The principle complaint I have received over the years from correspondents is unfriendly lighting installed in a residential neighbourhood. Nothing is easier to justify, but even harder to prove, than the belief that powerful lights deter crime. However passing cats flashing lights on bedroom windows or annoying glare from badly fitted lighting can antagonize neighbours. I asked one local resident why he was replacing a light on his garage when there was a street light a few feet away. He said the last one had been stolen. ‘Nuff said.

Of course one does need lighting outside, but the Institute of Lighting Engineers has a comprehensive pamphlet illustrating how this should be done….

ILE Guidance Notes
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You can contact me, or one of of the many other local officers, through the pages of the Commission for Dark Skies (formerly Campaign for Dark Skies)